Lin Rongshen
The member of Chinese Artists Association
The member of Chinese Calligraphers Association
The professor of Fujian Teaher's University
Born in Fuzhou, Fujian in July 1958.
Graduated from the Fine Art department of Fujian Teahersl University.

Major Exhibitions
The First Beijing International Art Biennale, (2003)
The Excellent Works of Fujian Modern Chinese Painting Exhibition(Beijing, 2003)
The Century China Painting Exhibition(2001)
The New Century Painting Famous Artists' Works Exhibition
The Second International Ink Painting Biennial of Shenzhen (2000)
The Culture Forum2000---the Chinese Landscape Painting Exhibition (Netherlands, 2000)
The Sixth China National Arts Festival---the International Chinese Painting Exhibition (Nanking, 2000)
The ¡°Century Light¡± of China---the nomination exhibition of Chinese paintings (Beijing, 2000)
The Second National Flower-and-bird Painting Exhibition (Beijing, 2000)
The Sino-Japan Intercommoned Exhibition of Contemporary Art (Aizhi, Fuzhou, 1999)
The Ninth Chinese National Art Exhibition (Beijing, 1999)
The ¡°At the New Century ¡±China Art Invitation Show 1979-1999 (Chengdu, 1999)
The First Chinese Traditional Painting Invitation Exhibition (the China Nadonal Museum of Fine Arts , Beijing, 1998)
The First International Chinese Fan Painting Exhibition (the China Nadonal Museum of Fine Arts , Beijing, 1998)
The '98 China Year of International Fine Arts-----the Contemporary Chinese Traditional and Oil Landscape Painting Exhibition
(Beijing, 1987)
The First International Ink Painting Biennial of Shenzhen (1998)
The Great Exhibition of Chinese Art---the Contemporary Painting Exhibition (the Shanghai Art Gallery, 1998)
The 1997 Contemporary Landscape Impressionistic Painting ( Beijing, 1997)
The 1995 Sino-Japan Wash Painting Intercommunal Exhibition (Beijing, Japan, 1994)
The Excellent Works of Chinese Modern Painting Exhibition (Sapporo, Japan, 1994)
The second prize in the First Bai Hua Award of Literary and Art (Fuzhou, 1994)
The golden award in the Second International Wash-and-Ink Arts Exhibition Maple leaf Award (Toronto, 1994)
The Eighth Chinese National Art Exhibition (1994)
The third prize in the First Chinese Landscape Painting Exhibition (Hefei, 1994)
The award for excellent work in the First National Flower-and-bird Exhibition (Zhengzhou, 1993)
The First Chinese Painting Exhibition ( the China National Museum of Fine Arts , Beijing 1993)
The 1993 Painting Exhibition for the New Chinese literati (Fuzhou, 1993)
The bronze award in the Art Exhibition of the ¡°Chinese Four Seasons¡±(Beijing, Tokyo, 1991)
The Second Chinese Gym Art Exhibition (the Chinese Art Gallery, Beijing, 1990)
The first prize in the Contemporary Chinese Fine Brushwork Painting (Beijing, 1989)
The Seventh Chinese National Art Exhibition (Guangzhou, 1989)
The First Chinese Seal Cutting Exhibition (the China Nadonal Museum of Fine Arts , Beijing, 1988)
The award for excellent work in the National Art Exhibition for the P.L.A.¡¯s 50th anniversary.(Beijing, 1987)
The second Chinese Young and Mid-age Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Exhibition (Beijing, 1987)

Personal & Collaborative Exhibition
1995 Merit Gallery in Toronto
1996 Feb 3rd Art Center in Taiwan
1997 municipal Art Center in Taizhong, Taiwan
1999 Gallery of Lan Zhou Arts Academy
1999 Jansen Gallery in Germany
2000 HongBaoQi Gallery in Xiamen
2001 Hilton Hotel Gallery in Bangkok
2002 Tang Gallery in Bangkok
2002 Curtis Arts & Humanities Center in Denver

Collected by
The Chinese Art Gallery
The Academe of Chinese Painting
The Guangzhou Art Gallery
The Shenzhen Art Gallery
The Nanjing Art Institute
The many private organizations and individuals home and abroad